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HostMonster Web Hosting Help

Email Troubleshooting

In order for HostMonster to provide the best support, please first define where is the problem happening?
  • Home or work machine
    • Is the connection using IMAP or POP3?

      Pop3 only allows 1 connection to connect at one time.
      (Imap can have timeout issues if there is no recent activity.

    • Is it a problem sending receiving or both?

      Sending issues are normally caused by incorrect SMTP settings.
      Receiving issues are normally due to incorrect usernames and/or passwords.
      Please check webmail to see if unread messages exist, or can send messages.

    • Are the SMTP settings correct?

      Settings are normally mail.domain.com for incoming, outgoing can use either your ISP's SMTP server settings or mail.domain.com.)

    • Are you using an SSL connection?

      Please try with out SSL connections

  • In a script located on a HostMonster Server. (Please call us and have the below information ready.)
  • Webmail. (Please call us and have the below information ready.)
  • Other. (Please call us and have the below information ready.) To provide the superior service please have the following information ready:
    • Your domain name.
    • Username(s) for the affected E-mail account(s).
    • Password(s) for the affected E-mail account(s).
    • The amount of addresses affected, is it just 1 email account or is it all of them?
    • A copy of the exact error message you're receiving.
    • A complete description of the problem and when it occurs (e.g., sending, receiving, or both?)
    • The E-mail client you're using (Outlook, Eudora, etc.)

    Other information that can be helpful includes:

    • The speed and type of your Internet connection.
    • If you have access to a different ISP account, does the problem occur with that connection, too?
    • Is the problem consistent or sporadic?
    • When did the problem start?
    • The results of a traceroute to mail.yourdomain.com, where yourdomain.com is the name of your actual domain name.
    • If a blacklisted or returned email please include the full headers of that email.
    • If you are unable to receive mail from your account after working through these steps, please provide an off-network e-mail address that we can reply to.
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